Saturday, August 29, 2009

Outfit and More

I've had this dress for a couple years and haven't used it because it's too big. I added the belt to keep it from falling and to try and squish the fabric together, and while I don't hate it I see that it bulked me up in the middle...oh well I can eat a huge meal in this and nobody will notice if my belly expands ;). I literally scrunched my hair and called it done this morning since it was still semi curly when I woke up...and I'm lazy.
One side falling here so it looks like I have a deflating tit.
Here's a better view of the little pot belly it gave me
With a shirtless hillbilly

Express dress
Michael by Michael Kors belt
Chinese Laundry heels
I did a blue and purple video...I never know what type of looks to do when it comes to tutorials so if you have any ideas/suggestions I'm all ears.

NYC loose mineral finishing powder
Mac Smooth Merge msf

L'oreal de-crease
88 palette blue and two purples
Mac Vanilla Pigment
Revlon Colorstay liner
Red Cherry #wsp lashes

Nyx round lipstick and round gloss in baby pink


  1. you look stunning. if you didnt mention that the dress was too big, i wouldnt have noticed.

  2. u record urs with a webcam or from your camera? i did mine with my camera and not sure if it makes a difference? i really want to start posting videos but i am clueless as to why its taking forever :-( sniff sniff....

    thx so much for the prompt reply. i appreciate it. btw, the dress still looks lovely on you :)

  3. i actually like that dress on you! :P it's pretty! <3
    belts always help huh :)
    hahaha! you'r so funny.. ("shirtless hillbilly")

  4. This look and the dress are beautiful!

  5. Love the outfit. The dress and shoes go together wonderfully!

  6. Thanks for the tut! I cant wait to try this out soon

  7. cute outfit and pretty look!!!! like always! lol

  8. Wooow! You are so sexy! I like your style. Your outfit is great! Very beautiful girl.

  9. Girl you just pull together the cutest outfits!!! And you do not have a pot belly at all... You have such nice slender figure. In fact you've inspired me to go back to the gym lol...I also love the lotd verrry pretty!

  10. that dress is lovely!

    your makeup always looks flawless!

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  12. sexy love the dress ..your skin is really flawless :D "ang kinis" ;hey tiff do you know how to speak tagalog hehe :P .. you're both goodlooking btw

  13. i like make-up *)


  14. wow this is amazing! ^_^ I think it's very beautifully blended :) And that's funny, shirtless hillbilly :P I think that dress is really gorgeous though!

  15. nice dress and make-up and great shoes!

  16. Totally adorable dress, loving those shoes and bag!*_*! Real nice makeup also!

  17. LMAO at deflated tit...

    I think u still look marvelous in that dress! As far as tutorial looks go - I LOVE KIM KARDASHIAN LOOKS! Maybe try your hand at this Kim look - the URL is:

    If you do I would love to see the video!

    Hope you get better sweety :)