Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Couple Tags

I'm a bit(very) late doing these tags...

I was tagged by Celly and Khaay for this first one.
  • Open your first photo folder
  • Scroll down to the 10th photo.
  • Post that photo and story on your blog.
  • Tag five others (or more) friends to do the same.
Nothing interesting and my sister back in 07 about a month before her first birthday. She didn't have much hair yet. My hair looks a few inches longer than it is now. I didn't realize it til recently but after looking at other old pics I noticed I trim too much too often these days so my hair has gradually been getting shorter. I'm putting a stop to it because I want my longer hair back.

I was tagged by Zoe for this one... my daily makeup routine. These pics are crap because it's 3:00 a.m and I hurried through taking them.
1.) Olay SPF30 face sunburns easily.
2.) My face product varies...I switch every once in a while, but right now I'm using NYC's loose mineral finishing powder with my Coastal Scents brush that I should wash.
3.) If I'm having a bad eyebrow day I fill in the sparse areas with this angled brush and whatever light brown matte shadow I find first.
4.)Blush...Mac Sunbasque is the one I use most. I love the bronzy color.
5.)Prime with L'oreal de-crease
6.)Eyeshadow, liner, and falsies last. I didn't take a pic since I use different eyeshadows.


  1. she is the cutest! hehehehe

    i used the olay moisturiser and the loreal decrease today too! LOL

  2. you trim your own hair?

    just reminded me to start triming mines more often... i hate the dullness i have of not doing it.

  3. fun tags! :) I think I use wayy too many products in the morning and then the fact that I don't put any makeup on! haha XD *embarrassing*

  4. aw.... ur sis is so adorable! :P she's grown quite a bit since then huh! :P
    my face didn't use to sunburn that easily but now it does for some reason... sux..
    how's the olay moisturizer?
    i dun like sunblocks coz they always hav this funky smell i hate :P

  5. That's a very cute picture of u ad ur sister..
    Thanks for doing my tag^^ur MAC blush color looks so pretty..