Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Strip for Leprechauns

Actually that is a lie; I'm just tired of naming my posts Gray FOTD, This FOTD, That FOTD, etc.
Viva Glam II was my first Mac lipstick. I rarely touch it so I used it today. My hair is an unbrushed shitpile today, but I don't care enough to mess with it right now.
At least I hid the ponytail elastic. That's a little better than nothing, and a step up from wearing a scrunchie.
I LOVE NYC's Browser brow kit. My brows stay tidy looking all day.
I'm wearing
Hard Candy Tinted Moisturizer
TheBalm Hot Mama blush

NYC Browser kit
L'oreal de-crease
Mac Satin Taupe e/s
Maybelline black gel liner
Falsies from Ebay I think and Rimmel mascara on bottom lashes

Mac Viva Glam II lipstick applied over lipbalm

Completely irrelevant and not makeup related, but I really need to buy Whitest Kids U Know on dvd. My brother, bf, and I have watched it since whenever it first came out, and I really need one of these songs as a ringtone even though they're a few years old.
We gon' make love until you wake up...
I'm totally gay for America...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Flat Iron Winner + New Balm

I feel like a fistful of shit today. I think it's just a fever, but the lack of sleep makes it seem worse. On a positive note, it's not herpes or the bubonic plague.

I made a list of the entries for the Missiko giveaway, and used the random sequence thing on random.org to assign a number to each. Then I used the random number generator. The winner is...

This isn't much of a fotd since I'm not exactly looking my best today, but I bought two N.Y.C Lip Sliders Tinted Balms recently. I wanted to show how pigmented this one is. I'm wearing Sugar Coated here. For a tinted balm the color payoff is great. I despise the sliding packaging though; it can be a real pain in the ass if you accidentally slide it all the way off and have to put it back on. I also have Sugar Kiss, but it's extremely sheer and barely shows up on me.
This pic is a little off in color, but you can still see that the balm provides noticeable color. It's actually baby pink, not nude beige like it seems here(and my hair looks dark brown instead of red here. Just bad lighting I guess).
I didn't notice the Cookie Monster sticker next to me until I uploaded this to the computer.

So anyone in need of a light pink tinted balm that actually shows up, this one is only two dollars and change.

My sister makes this face a lot in photos. She thinks its funny, just like sticking her butt up to the glass door and dancing.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

FOTD: Dark Gray

My hair still oozes out red in the shower...it's just a matter of time til it fades to some ruddy copper brown.

I've been on a dark eye makeup kick lately. It seems like any lip color that's somewhat bright makes me look like Ronald McDonald's Filipino cousin. As sexy as that sounds it's not quite the look I'm going for. I rarely wear bright lip colors anyway so it's not a big deal, just an observation.
I hate when falsies are too shiny like they are here. They didn't seem that bad when I put them on.
Makeup I used:
Wet N Wild Powder
TheBalm Hot Mama

NYC Browser in Brunette
Wet N Wild Greed Palette-light gray, black, and off white
black pencil liner
falsies from ebay

Smashbox gloss in Aura
I recently bought these for under 30 dollars. Hooray for more shoes.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Hair Color For Now

I wanted to go with a red shade since they fade really fast(a good thing in my case since I often get bored with new hair colors quickly). Reds have never shown up red enough on me...they're usually brown with just a touch of red. This time, it's noticeable even in indoor light. In sunlight it's RED. I know it'll fade to a coppery brown within a couple weeks, so for now I'll enjoy my cracked out cartoon hair. I think it would look better if I bought some colored contacts. My dark eyes look a bit too drab compared to it.

This one is in pretty bright sunlight which explains why my face is completely washed out.
In crappy dim lighting it looks normal...