Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Evil Sun

I made this tutorial by the window just like I've been doing lately, except today it's super sunny. Being a dumbass and all I set my cream shadow palette right at the window after I used it...there's a glance of the lovely results in the video. I guess it's gonna be a pan for pressing pigments now :(.

I'm wearing
Physician's Formula Bronzer
Mac Sunbasque blush

L'oreal de-crease
Revlon green cream shadow RIP
88 palette dark green and black
L'oreal HIP duo in Flare (highlight)
La Femme black gel liner
little falsies from ebay

NYX round lipstick in Iced Honey

My sister learned how to use the camera so she took pics of me when I was uploading the video.
You can see her finger in the way...she kept telling me to say cheese :D

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just an Outfit and Video

It's super short, but since the tie at the bottom is adjustable I tightened it and can bend over without exposing cheek.

Out of the 365 days a year I probably wear my hair up 2 or 3 times. I was just too lazy to fix it so I put it in a ponytail.
I did a requested tutorial inspired by Nicole Scherzinger's makeup in the Bottle Pop video. I took my hair down since I didn't want to look like an egg with ears.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How I Blend and Apply Eyeshadow

I made a video on how I apply and blend my eyeshadows...I just went into a little more detail about the placement and blending. I hope it's somewhat understandable; I'm certainly not an articulate speaker but I hope the point still gets across :P. I accidentally left out applying my highlight, but I suppose that doesn't need any explanation anyway.

Monday, September 21, 2009

My Impeccable Taste :P

I made a smokey-ish purple tutorial today using natural light instead of my shitty lamps...HERE. Of course I can only do that when I make videos during the day.

It's just sinking in that summer's ending. I had to wear a jacket today since it was somewhat chilly. My brother laughed at me and asked "aren't you a little old for a Barbie shirt?". Obviously he's just pissed that it didn't come in his size...if not he just has terrible taste. I'm not really into graphic tees but I've always loved Barbie so I also have this shirt in black :D. I'm also wearing my new boots...just a cheapie pair from Charlotte Russe for casual and muddy days.

My brother doesn't tell me when he's about to take the picture so I end up with some not so great ones where I'm in the middle of doing something.
Physicians Formula Bronzer
CG Blush but I don't remember which one

L'oreal De-crease
88 palette
Mac Dazzlelight
Revlon Colorstay liner
Red Cherry #113 falsies(I think)

Revlon Silver City Pink lipstick

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Out and about in my scary face (OOTD)

Just a quick outfit post even though it's pretty boring(I took pics because I really like these shoes, but they don't even look that nice here). I bought them yesterday along with a pair of brown boots so my collection slightly increased. I woke up late so I only applied bronzer, lipstick, and a quick coat of mascara(my lash glue was hiding from me). I need to stop taking outfit pics in the grass since my heels always sink in.
After seeing these I've come to the conclusion that the jeans are incredibly unflattering. Lots of people say skinnies are unflattering/make you look fat, but I've seen pics of me wearing different ones and they looked fine so it's just this particular pair.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Little Details

Ha, just noticed that in my video bar all my thumbnails are pretty much exactly the same. I'm looking down and in the exact same spot in the middle of the screen, but kinda close to the right. I'm either observant or in need of a more exciting life.

A couple videos I did last night
Barbie Inspired Pink with Blue
My eye makeup brushes

In the mood to blog, but I have nothing much to blog about really.

What's one little change you make to your appearance that makes a big difference to you? I know some people who don't even like to wear makeup, but they can't go without their acrylic nails....then there's some who wear makeup but don't mind pulling their hair back in a ponytail because they don't wanna bother fixing it. My mom always puts on lipstick, but she doesn't mind not wearing any other makeup. I had a friend who wouldn't mind going somewhere wearing old sweats and with wet hair, but she would not leave without a full face of makeup.

A big thing for me is having a tan, although I've been lazy with it more than usual this year. As vain and lame as it sounds, I really feel much better when I'm bronzed. I'm still looking for a HG body tanner, so if you have any suggestions I'll take em. L'oreal Sublime Bronze Pro Perfect Airbrush has been the best tanner I've used on my face, but I get inconsistent results with it on my body...sometimes good sometimes pretty bad.

See the difference in these two pics? I have zero makeup on in both of them obviously, but I feel like the first one isn't all that terrible while the second one is repulsive. In the untanned pic there's this ugly grayish cast that makes it look even worse, but you can still compare the difference pretty fairly since both are bare faced pics.
Removed the 2nd one because it's that bad
I have absolutely nothing against unbronzed skin...I just feel like it doesn't work for me...just like some people feel like they look terrible when they get darker(my mom hates when she gets more tanned). I never notice a difference when it comes to others unless they're super burnt orange or something extreme like that so I know people won't actually see much difference on me, but it's still a big deal to me :D.

Another one for me would be nails...I don't mind not having any polish on my nails, but I absolutely cannot stand to see chipped polish on myself. It truly bugs the hell out of me

When it comes to cosmetics, the most important things to me are falsies and some sort of lip product whether it's lipstick/gloss/balm . I prefer falsies over mascara just because I can put falsies on faster than I can do mascara. I could live with no makeup besides lashes and gloss.

What little things are important to you?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What a moron...

A matter of the owner not being as smart as the equipment...

Talking about me of course...while toying around with my camera's video settings I discovered that it hasn't been on the highest setting this whole time. Obviously it's not amazing quality but I do see an improvement. I still need to find better lighting and the sound is still poop but hooray, my camera isn't quite a worthless turd after all.

I made a video for this dark blue smokey HERE. I didn't get to really blend properly like you need to with such dark makeup. I need a bigger memory/sd card now that I changed the camera settings...therefore I had to hurry it up :D.

Oh, and a video going over some of my nude and light pink lippies HERE

Oh, and a video going over some of my nude and light pink lippies HERE

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Opinions Please?

I'm terrible at making decisions...always asking for opinions from someone else whether it's from bloggers, the bf, my mom, etc :P.

Do you think I should get a new camera? I'm undecided because I know that nobody needs my tutorials since there are tons of better ones out there already. Since not a lot of people watch mine I don't know if I should buy one or not. I enjoy making them, and I hope that they benefit someone out there so that's why I've been thinking about it... plus my videos are pretty poor in quality(sometimes you can barely hear, not the clearest picture).

I hope that didn't sound whiny. I didn't know how else to word it, but it sounds like a "boohoo nobody watches me" type thing. I swear that's not it. I very much appreciate the viewers and subscribers I have, and I'm grateful that people watch my videos at all considering the amount of great tutorials already out there. It's just something I can't make up my mind about.

I'm also unsure because it's decent when it comes to photos so it's not a complete piece of crap. The flash is too bright, but I can always take pics without flash when it's bright enough outside.

It's been a week since I've dyed my hair, and it's actually grown on me. It's faded so that there are highlights in it from my previous color, so it's not as blah as I originally felt it was. I know you can't tell from my photos since they're on the side of my head so I had to mention it.

I did another tutorial for this bright tropical type look here. Do you have to use blues and greens for it to be tropical? I thought that this still qualified but I'm not sure :D.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

On a cake hunt

I really want to enter Jaime's contest and I'm having such a tough time deciding on what kind of cake to use as inspiration. I make up my mind, then see something else and on and on.

I've come to the conclusion that my bf might not be insane just for thinking that Megan Fox isn't hot...I rarely find the very popular "hot" actors that attractive. I mean, I'd definitely take 50 year old Sean Bean over anyone in Twilight(I haven't seen it, but I've seen enough of them to know I don't think they're hot, plus I've loved Sean Bean since I was 13 :P).

Anyway, this look is sort of like yesterdays, but with a few little changes.

While making the video my brother was singing in the shower(very loudly)...I couldn't contain my laughter because of his choice of both vulgar and cheesy music. I really wish you could hear him on the video.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Angelina inspired cat-eye+ My bf doesn't think Megan Fox is hot?

He's not the "she's not pretty at all, you're much more beautiful" type. We don't bullshit each other...I mean, after 6 years flattering/boosting each others egos is no longer necessary :D. He insists that Megan Fox is not hot...he usually agrees with the ones everybody seems to find attractive(Jessica Alba and Kim K.). Freakin weirdo :P.
I had a request for an Angelina inspired cat-eye look...I didn't know if I should do the subtle or more dramatic version since I've seen her wear both. I chose a more dramatic one this time, and I'll do a more subtle one soon.

Instead of looking sexy, the serious face just makes me look mean and constipated. I promise I'm neither mean nor constipated.
Video...It seems loud enough on Movie Maker, then seems quieter once I upload it?

Another part of my shoe collection...here's the all white ones. I left out a pair of flats, wedges, and another pair of heels because they've been misplaced somewhere in my large mess.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Part 1 of my shoe collection + Organix review

I've wanted to do a shoe collection post for a while, and decided to do it in parts since I have well over a hundred pairs(120ish is my guess). Here are my black non pattered/printed shoes. I'll save prints for another post...plus I realized that there are too many shoes in this photo to really see them individually. I think I'll stick to 5-10 pairs per photo from now on. I think less than a dozen of my entire collection are non high heeled :D.

Yeah, can't really see them individually but here's the photo anyway. You have to click the photo to see the entire thing
I'm not good with reviews, but here's mine on Organix Coconut Milk Anti Breakage Serum(I mistakenly said it was the split mender in my haul post)
I've been applying a few pumps to my towel dried hair. It gives my hair a nice shine, not as much as a glossing serum would but nice nevertheless. I'm pretty rough with my hair(constant coloring and heat styling), but I've noticed that my hair isn't really breaking off when I brush it. Another thing I like is that it doesn't weigh my hair down so I can still use it when I want big hair :D.

To sum it up, I'll continue to use it and I'd definitely repurchase.
I made a tutorial for this simple golden brown look...here's the link. I'll be speaking in my tutorials from now on. I'll work on being louder. It seems super quiet to me.
I don't feel like myself when I'm not wearing falsies :P

Monday, September 7, 2009

Loose Waves, Strange Technique + Haul

First of all I'd like to thank you all for your comments about the new hair color. I can be one of those way too self conscious nightmares if I feel like somethings wrong(you know, WOE IS ME; MY HAIR COLOR'S SOOOOO UGLY OMG I HATE BEING ME :P). Your comments really helped quell my sadness :).

This is why I don't speak in most of my videos...I'm not exactly the most articulate speaker. I guess I should just work on it since it's much easier to explain things while speaking rather than typing it out. Earlier I wondered what it would look like if I wrapped my hair around two irons. I love wavy hair but a triple barrel takes forever for me and scrunching gives me inconsistent results. I know it looks like a pain, but I quickly got the hang of it. I used a 1 and 1/4 and a 1 and 1/2 inch iron. If I had any smaller irons I would have used those. I think that you'd need to use smaller irons if your hair is short.

No eyeshadow today besides using Maybelline's Antique Jade as a liner along with my regular black liner.
Few things I bought this weekend...the dreadful hair dye not included in the pic since I used it of course. I also bought a few items of clothing, but they're scattered throughout the house.
~Pointy black pumps w/ gold paint splatters(I've loved pointy pumps since I was a little kid just because that's what my mom always wore)
~Round Toe Platform Pumps
~Giovanni Smooth as Silk Shampoo and Conditioner-my first sulfate free shampoo...I'll review it after I've used it at least 3 or 4 times
~Organix Coconut Milk Split End Mender...I'll also review this after a few uses

Sunday, September 6, 2009

So I Dyed My Hair

...and I hate it. It didn't turn green, orange, or disastrous but it's so freakin drab/boring looking. I wanted a auburn/reddish brown. I remembered that every time I've used a reddish hair dye the red came out way too intense and took like two weeks to fade to the color I wanted, but I still picked up a dye that looked pretty noticeably red because I wanted something fun and new. Now I have drab shit brown hair with red that only shows up in certain lighting. My mom and boyfriend told me not to dye it, but I'm obviously a dumbass. My mom actually ended up saying she likes it a lot and I should stick to this for a while. I have a feeling when my bf sees it, "What the fuck did you do to your hair" will be the first thing out of his mouth.

So I went from this color that I liked but was starting to get bored of...
To this blahness that gives me an oh so lovely Plain Jane look
The red shows up in the sunlight...but I don't spend my days sitting in the sun to show off my hair color's full potential. My heels completely sunk into the grass which is why the pants look too long
I have a little haul from yesterday that I'll post either later or tomorrow. I haven't taken pics yet. I finally found a pair of black pants in a size 3 long. I can easily find jeans in long lengths(but I wear skinnies 99% of the time so I can wear regular length ones), but everytime I find black pants they only come in one length. Since my shoes are rarely under 4 inches my pants need to be pretty long.

I needed to post just so I could complain. I know it's not drastic but I still don't like it :(. Can you recommend any red/auburn hair glaze type thing that'll boost the red? I don't want to be too rough on my hair by redying it especially since I want to grow it out.

Friday, September 4, 2009


I know you're free to blog about whatever you want on your own blog since nobody is forced to read something they don't like...but...I'd still like to know. What kinds of posts would you like me to do? What in your opinion would make my blog better? I'm open to whatever ideas/suggestions you have :). I really appreciate the followers/readers/comments that I get so I'd like to at least maintain a decent blog.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Silver and Brown Inspired by Kim K

I did my version of her look from Vegas magazine. It's not nearly as striking on me since I don't have her eyebrows, eye shape, yeah I'm sure you get the point :D. I look much better in warmer colors so adding the brown makes silver more wearable for me(I don't know why I've never tried it before). I faked tanned for the first time in a while. I feel like I look much better with a tan, but I get lazy when it comes to applying it regularly.
Pretty Kim
Boring ass Tiffany's version...I took the pic with flash because it's too gloomy to get a decent no flash pic today...so the brown in the crease is more noticeable in person.
I used Mac eyeshadows, but the 88 palette has all the colors too
I'm using
UD Surreal Skin mineral powder
CG Pretty Peach blush

L'oreal de-crease
Mac Silver Ring, Patina, Satin Taupe, Dazzlelight, and Carbon (geez that's a lot)
Revlon Colorstay
Red Cherry lashes

Mac Angel lipstick
Mac Underage lipglass

And a video

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Purple w/ a Bit of Red Cut Crease

I'm still sick and all the laying down results in this Eintstein/electrocuted hair look(you can't tell in the pic but in the video you can see what I mean). I like messy hair, but only the intentional/styled to look messy kind and not this :D. Since napping and watching tv gets boring after a while I got up and made another video.

and back to bed I go :D