Friday, September 18, 2009

Little Details

Ha, just noticed that in my video bar all my thumbnails are pretty much exactly the same. I'm looking down and in the exact same spot in the middle of the screen, but kinda close to the right. I'm either observant or in need of a more exciting life.

A couple videos I did last night
Barbie Inspired Pink with Blue
My eye makeup brushes

In the mood to blog, but I have nothing much to blog about really.

What's one little change you make to your appearance that makes a big difference to you? I know some people who don't even like to wear makeup, but they can't go without their acrylic nails....then there's some who wear makeup but don't mind pulling their hair back in a ponytail because they don't wanna bother fixing it. My mom always puts on lipstick, but she doesn't mind not wearing any other makeup. I had a friend who wouldn't mind going somewhere wearing old sweats and with wet hair, but she would not leave without a full face of makeup.

A big thing for me is having a tan, although I've been lazy with it more than usual this year. As vain and lame as it sounds, I really feel much better when I'm bronzed. I'm still looking for a HG body tanner, so if you have any suggestions I'll take em. L'oreal Sublime Bronze Pro Perfect Airbrush has been the best tanner I've used on my face, but I get inconsistent results with it on my body...sometimes good sometimes pretty bad.

See the difference in these two pics? I have zero makeup on in both of them obviously, but I feel like the first one isn't all that terrible while the second one is repulsive. In the untanned pic there's this ugly grayish cast that makes it look even worse, but you can still compare the difference pretty fairly since both are bare faced pics.
Removed the 2nd one because it's that bad
I have absolutely nothing against unbronzed skin...I just feel like it doesn't work for me...just like some people feel like they look terrible when they get darker(my mom hates when she gets more tanned). I never notice a difference when it comes to others unless they're super burnt orange or something extreme like that so I know people won't actually see much difference on me, but it's still a big deal to me :D.

Another one for me would be nails...I don't mind not having any polish on my nails, but I absolutely cannot stand to see chipped polish on myself. It truly bugs the hell out of me

When it comes to cosmetics, the most important things to me are falsies and some sort of lip product whether it's lipstick/gloss/balm . I prefer falsies over mascara just because I can put falsies on faster than I can do mascara. I could live with no makeup besides lashes and gloss.

What little things are important to you?


  1. i actually don't like tanning Dx
    honestly, i think you look good in both of your pictures o-o
    but, that's how it always is, other people wont think it's a major difference but to yourself, it's always a huge thing \:
    for me, it's eye makeup. i don't go out without it, makes me feel abnormal if i do > <
    (eyeliner, mascara is the minimum)

  2. I really like lipgloss I can't live without it!

  3. i think you look great both ways but if it makes YOU feel good, then go for the tan.
    As for me I can't go anywhere without eyeliner, I just feel so naked without it

  4. You can put lashes on faster than mascara? Wow! Probably my main thing would be putting on some foundation and powder. I don't wear a heap of foundation but I would NEVER go to uni wearing none, for example. I feel like my skin is quite blotchy otherwise and I have such red cheeks! haha, plus it helps to cover up any blemishes. I usually just have lip balm in my bad so will apply that after I have left the house. I know what you mean about the tan - if I have fake tanned I could *almost* run around with no makeup! I love it, it makes me feel 10x prettier but still I hardly ever bother.
    Have a good weekend,

  5. i think you look great in both shades!

  6. EYELINER... i need it... i will not leave the house without it on not matter where im going!

  7. MMmm. I absolutely HAVE to moisturize. I also feel funny when I don't have earrings on when I am going out and about.

  8. I think you're gorgeous with and whitout tan :) Maybe the tanned one reminds you more of summer= fun? But anyway both! :)

    You can apply on your falsies faster than mascara??? O.o *faint* Now I worship you :D

    No, really you should do a video about how to for that clumsy kind of people like me (that always make a mess with falsies!)

  9. i like your complexion both ways! :P but you're right, tanned skin looks better paired with lighter colored hair :)
    i'm sorry i can't suggest any tanning products.. i never use them coz i tan really easily... haha :P sux for me.. i have this really ugly uneven tan line on my back from wearing a tank in the sun... really bugs me to see two diff tones haha :P
    oh! and i guess i like to have atleast liner n blush(ones u can wear on lips too) :P
    i wish i can wear falsies as good as u! ;)

  10. If I don't have to do any makeup I always make sure I have a lip gloss or a nice lip balm to give my lips a nice shine

  11. you look great both ways hun
    but the bronzed version suits u way better :)
    you have a gorgeous complexion!

  12. I think u look gorgeous in both pictures but the bronze picture reminds me of Jessica Alb, u look like her^^
    I am the opposite of u , it takes longer for me to apply lashes than mascara^^;

  13. im in the makeup not hair category. i feel that if i have makeup on i don;t need to spend lots of time on my hair.

    going to watch your brush vid. i LOVE brushes :)

  14. My mum is like that, she wont leave the house without eyeliner. I guess I'm the hair one, I don't have my hair sorted and nice ALL the time (OK, hardly ever LOL) but I like my make up on xx

  15. while I think you look great without makeup I do agree most people (unless they have a natural tan due to their heritage) look better with a little self tanner on. Unless you´re one of those snow white type beauties!
    I wear self tanner year round, not all the time but most times. I just hate being pale, especially since I have dark blonde brows, dark brown lashes and horrible dark circles. I just look sick with no self tanner on

  16. I like to be tanned :D I just don't like the fact that my arms are super tanned right now.. It doesn't look right! haha :) I've developed a habbit during the summer because my skin has gotten really bad with scarring. I can't leave home without putting on my foundation! Although I usually end up putting other stuff on it, I always have to do my foundation first :D

  17. I hate my skin when its not tanned too, it does nothing for me. I feel exactly the same as you, I also hate chipped nails - i'd rather wear nothing. I find that I love nude lipliner... hmmmm!