Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Purchases

I went to the mall in search of sequined luck =(. Instead I bought a couple sequined tops.
Top/dress from Forever21

Top from Charlotte Russe

Two other tops from Charlotte Russe

Blazer w/ satin collar from Forever21

Blazer w/ bow pockets from Forever21

Forever21 earrings

I bought a Hard Candy bronzer, a baked eyeshadow duo, Rimmel lipstick in Crush, and a couple Revlon Illuminance cream shadows to use as base.

I also bought a pair of booties from Forever21 that I forgot to photograph, but they're at 6:25 of this video I made today.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lipstick or Gloss Recommendations?

I want a light pink lipstick with more of a peach undertone instead of a cool/purple-ish tone to it. The only peachy pink lipsticks I have are bright instead of light/subtle. Any brand will do :).

I had a request to do a Cheryl Cole inspired look...I wasn't familiar with her so I had to google pics. Damn, is her hair freakin big. I know nothing about her but her hair makes me love her :D.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Little Hottie in the Making

My sister was playing around with my clothes and bags like she always does...I had to take a couple photos.

I did a tutorial today. It's an easy look.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I didn't get any good pictures because I forgot to put new batteries in my camera :(. Anyways, it was a halloween/my best friend's 23rd birthday party. I didn't get any good makeup pics, but it wasn't that great anyway since my brother is an asswipe and would not stop rushing me the entire time I tried to get ready.

By the end of the night my white costume was filthy. I spilled Jager mixed with fruit punch all over myself and fell in a giant muddy hole in the front yard. I wish I was able to take pics of my filthy self lol.

I'm always enthusiastic about the alcohol at the beginning of the night. At the end I get as far away from it as possible because I don't even want to smell it. Hey kind folks at Jagermeister, need a 22 yr. old filipina model? 5'8", size 3, what I lack in boobage and supersexiness I make up for in uh friendliness and love for Jager?

My brother was my best friend graduating high school. He originally had on a dress, but wanted to wear her graduation robe. He always has these odd haircuts...his hairline in front is shaved back a couple inches. He had a mullet early in the summer and he also had a circle shaved into his head before so it would look like he was going bald. He left early to hang out with his friends who are actually his age, so guess who was the lone jackass in costume? Oh well.

It didn't take long for the falsies I'm wearing on the bottom lashline to get ANNOYING.

Douche who didn't dress up with his girlfriend

Friday, October 23, 2009


I did this requested vampire look today. The eyes would look so much better if I had some sort of color contacts :(...the dark makeup doesn't contrast with my eyes since they're so dark too. The blush/contour needs blended out a lot more, but I was afraid the video would go over the time limit so I slopped it on and didn't blend very much.

I used:
NYC Pressed Powder in Translucent
Ulta Flirty e/s as blush

Coastal Scents 88 palette-Dark red, dark purple, white
Mac Carbon e/s
L'oreal hip black liner and l'oreal telescopic liquid liner
Red Cherry lashes

NYC Mahogany l/s
Mac Squeeze It lipglass

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cheapie Palettes

I saw these L.A Colors metallic eyeshadow palettes at a Dollar General store for $1.50 a piece so I figured why not. I was pleasantly surprised because I actually like these a lot. The lightest shade in both palettes are chalky, but it's no big deal since I have more than enough highlight shadows already. The texture is sort of powdery, but at this price I wasn't exactly expecting a set of Mac Veluxe Pearls. They're quite pigmented, and they have a slight sheen. Two thumbs up from me.
Top 'Tease' and bottom 'Wine & Roses'

New tutorial that is once again not very loud. My bf and mom both tell me I talk too loud on a regular basis, so my camera obviously hates my voice and picks it up as little as possible. I just need to learn to talk even louder :D.

I'm wearing
Boots Botanics Tinted Moisturizer
Physician's Formula Healthy Glow Multi-Colored Bronzer
Hard Candy blush in Pinup

L'oreal De-crease
coastal scents 88 palette(bronze, dark brown, off-white)
L'oreal liquid liner and HIP pencil liner
Mac Carbon e/s
Red Cherry #1 lashes
L'oreal collagen mascara on bottom lashes

Mac Viva Glam II lipstick over a ton of Burts Bees lipbalm (that lipstick dries my lips out on it's own)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hard Candy

Here's a video about the Hard Candy items I bought the other day. I love the eyeshadow duo, but the eyeshadow quint is not as good. I think the Living Doll blush is my favorite out the the 3 that I have now. I found the dress I'm wearing in the video for $'s nothing really special but I couldn't resist the extreme cheapness.

Lol, I look like I'm about to kiss you in the video's thumbnail image.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gold and Dark Blue

First of all thank you for your well wishes...I feel a little better so there's just a teeny bit of sickness lingering(shopping must have helped). I always get sick when the weather first turns really cold.

I bought a little more Hard Candy stuff...I'll upload my haul and review shortly. My brother needs his online poker fix.

I made a video today. I switched my light bulbs to ones that aren't as yellow/orange. Still not as clear as they are when I use natural light, but it's been so gloomy lately that I can't rely on the sun being out when I want to make videos.

I'm wearing
Boots Botanics Tinted Moisturizer
Hard Candy blush in Living Doll

Hard Candy e/s primer
L'oreal HIP pigment in Visionary
L'oreal HIP duo in Forgiving
Mac Dazzlelight and Carbon
Revlon Colorstay liner and L'oreal liquid liner
Ardell #600 falsies

Max Factor l/s in Skinny Dip
Hard Candy sheer lip shine in Au Natural

Friday, October 16, 2009

Shopping Outfit

I've felt kinda sick the past few days...maybe shopping will make me feel better.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Gave Myself Long Bangs

I just cut them below nose length so that they're still long enough to pull back, and they'll grow out quickly if I decide I hate them. I thought this would cure my boredom with my appearance, but sadly it didn't.

I don't think my sister's made an appearance on this blog for a while.
My brother was so offended yesterday because someone asked about my "older brother". I let the person know that he's 15 and I'm 22 and she gave me this look of disbelief. He was pissed, but I thought it was hilarious considering I think he looks like an overgrown 9 year old.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bollywood Inspired Gold and Maroon

I got the inspiration from Madhuri Dixit's eyeshadow in this song...Maar Dala from Devdas. You can get a good view of her eyeshadow at about 8 seconds in...looks to me like a gold lid with reddish/maroon crease. I know Bollywood movies feature all sorts of makeup styles (just like any other film industry), but since the inspiration came from a Bollywood film I included it in the title.

Didn't really get good pics of it

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Outfit + fotd

Just going to the movies tonight...seeing Love Aaj Kal. Bollywood movies never play in my area and all these years I've had to wait and buy them on DVD so I'm not missing this opportunity to see one on the big screen.

I've posted outfits with the jacket, leggings, and shoes before but oh well. The shorts and shirt are several years old. I really wish these leggings had seams down the back instead of the side.

Got my bumpit in of course :D

boots tinted moisturizer
NYC Powder
Mac Sunbasque blush

l'oreal de-crease
Profusion 98 palette
L'oreal liquid liner
Red Cherry lashes

L'oreal HIP Jelly Balm in Ripe

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sparkly Nails + Face Makeup Routine

My face routine changes every now and then...most of the time I just use powder but this routine gives me the best result. I forgot to mention that I sometimes pat a little extra brightening balm under my eyes. I have more of a problem with puffiness rather than dark circles so I use that in place of concealer.

And sparkly nails...just black polish with Pure Ice's Spit Fire over it.

Sarah from Crystal-Cravings is hosting a contest and one of the prizes is an adorable pair of Hello Kitty earrings. Here's the link to her contest on youtube.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hard Candy + Bumpit (My new Best Friend)

Obviously I don't do many review/haul posts, but I really was impressed with the Hard Candy stuff I picked up from Walmart. The lipsticks are pigmented, but smooth and creamy too. The blushes are also very nice. Here's my review video.

Now onto my new love...I was skeptical about the bumpit because I never fall for 'as seen on tv' stuff. Except for the Snuggie; I have these sexy things in every color(kidding).

Obviously I love big hair, but I'm too lazy to tease little sections of my hair all the time. Thanks to this wonderful bit of hard plastic I can have quick and easy big hair every day(yes I plan on wearing this every single day :D).
I used the medium one today...this morning I had it a little far back so the bump isn't that tall from the front. Plus a look at my under 5 minute face--powder, liner, mascara, tinted lip balm
Later on I put it more towards the front so it would look taller. My makeup is different because I made a tutorial, but didn't upload it because I need to redo it. The video was too dark.
Please excuse the bra straps...I'm a sloppy dresser if I'm lounging around the house
side view
I bought it at Target for $10 btw.

Hard Candy stuff
Blushes in Honeymoon and Pinup
Honeymoon and Pinup blushes, lipsticks in Fire Alarm and Mannequin, gloss in Girl Next Door

Friday, October 2, 2009


My brother says I look like the Terminator with my jacket and shoes. Hopefully I'm at least a tiny bit prettier than Mr. Schwarzenegger.

Made a tutorial, it's just a shimmery brown look.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Evil Sun

I made this tutorial by the window just like I've been doing lately, except today it's super sunny. Being a dumbass and all I set my cream shadow palette right at the window after I used it...there's a glance of the lovely results in the video. I guess it's gonna be a pan for pressing pigments now :(.

I'm wearing
Physician's Formula Bronzer
Mac Sunbasque blush

L'oreal de-crease
Revlon green cream shadow RIP
88 palette dark green and black
L'oreal HIP duo in Flare (highlight)
La Femme black gel liner
little falsies from ebay

NYX round lipstick in Iced Honey

My sister learned how to use the camera so she took pics of me when I was uploading the video.
You can see her finger in the way...she kept telling me to say cheese :D