Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gold and Dark Blue

First of all thank you for your well wishes...I feel a little better so there's just a teeny bit of sickness lingering(shopping must have helped). I always get sick when the weather first turns really cold.

I bought a little more Hard Candy stuff...I'll upload my haul and review shortly. My brother needs his online poker fix.

I made a video today. I switched my light bulbs to ones that aren't as yellow/orange. Still not as clear as they are when I use natural light, but it's been so gloomy lately that I can't rely on the sun being out when I want to make videos.

I'm wearing
Boots Botanics Tinted Moisturizer
Hard Candy blush in Living Doll

Hard Candy e/s primer
L'oreal HIP pigment in Visionary
L'oreal HIP duo in Forgiving
Mac Dazzlelight and Carbon
Revlon Colorstay liner and L'oreal liquid liner
Ardell #600 falsies

Max Factor l/s in Skinny Dip
Hard Candy sheer lip shine in Au Natural


  1. i think this is one of my favorites! Amazing!!

  2. Did you dye your hair again? The color looks richer! Very pretty!

  3. very pretty as always hun!
    love the look! (:

    <3: Jane

  4. omg! hard candy makes an eyeshadow primer? please make a review on that! and p.s. love the way you do your eyes!

  5. I love the look!
    I'm sooooo peeved I haven't seen Hard Candy here yet. I'm missing out on all the baked goodies. :(

  6. pretty! you are so nice doing cutting the crease and smokey look :P I love love the purple nail polish me favorite color weee :)

  7. I always love ur looks....very pretty

  8. This look is gorgeous! Probably one of my faves!

  9. So pretty, i love it. how do you like the Boots Botanics Tinted Moisturizer? i've been looking for a moisturizer.

  10. when I saw this on my youtube last night, I clicked it right away, and I am so glad I did! Beautiful look, just flawless, I cant wait to try it out myself! :)

  11. Living doll looks great on you! <3
    You make me want to get it now haha :P

  12. I wish I had your eyeshape sometimes :D It looks so much easier to work with! ^_^

  13. Nice Tiff,i like how simple it is!
    I did a similar look;