Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hard Candy

Here's a video about the Hard Candy items I bought the other day. I love the eyeshadow duo, but the eyeshadow quint is not as good. I think the Living Doll blush is my favorite out the the 3 that I have now. I found the dress I'm wearing in the video for $'s nothing really special but I couldn't resist the extreme cheapness.

Lol, I look like I'm about to kiss you in the video's thumbnail image.


  1. I watched this earlier.
    I WANT SOME HARD CANDY! :( I'm like obsessed with baked cosmetics. lol

    I love that dress, $6 is sooo cheap!

  2. me neither. how can we ever resist sales? :D

  3. Nice haul! I like your new eye shadows!

  4. haha.. awesome video thumbnail! :P
    pretty awesome deal btw :)

    oh tiff, I tagged you on my blog btw :) Hope you can do it :)

  5. Nice, you're pretty! like the eyeshads too!


  6. I can't believe they sell hard candy at walmart now! Back when I was in highschool Hard candy was sooo hard to get and $$$! Yeah I wasnt sure about the elf brushes at first, but then all I heard was good reviews on them, plus they're only $1 each... so why not! lol! I wish there is a savage garden reunion tour, awwww <3

    btw I like the dress you're wearing. and it being $6 is also an added bonus :D

  7. Just checked out your blog, great for makeup lovers! You gotta do one where you play with rhinestones! I love the bollywood style too :)Blessings,Cole

  8. Check out my blog for updates on my relocation/move to Australia

  9. Cool haul and love the cute, sexy dress!