Monday, August 24, 2009


I've had the CS 88 palette for a few months now, and I'm getting bored of it. At first I wasn't really interested in buying other eyeshadows because I had plenty of color options in it, but it's lost it's appeal.
I'm not usually this casually dressed, but I'm doing another outfit post to compensate for the lack of nice fotds lately...I'm sure it's just a phase and I'll go back to doing better looks soon. I told my brother to stand up when he takes pics because it seems like they're unflattering if he points the camera up while he sits down but he didn't listen.
American Apparel tank
shorts from 5 or 6 years ago
Dolce Vita shoes
I folded an old necklace in half and put a black ribbon through each end so it would look like it has two strands.
NYC mineral veil
Mac Pink Swoon blush

L'oreal de-crease
two purples from 98 palette(light purple and dark plummy purple)
Revlon Colorstay liner
Ardell falsies (demi-luvies)

Revlon matte l/s in Pink Pout(faded because I've been drinking coffee)


  1. I like that outfit, even if it is casual! It's a really nice summer outfit, and your necklace really goes well with it. You put clothes together well.
    P.S. I really liked your video on curling your hair! You did it so fast lol, I'm always so slow when it comes to stuff like that ... =)

  2. The makeup looks lovely...but good god those shoes are hot! Lovesit!

  3. i love your look here!
    i love all purple look, hehe.
    i wont letmy byfriend tk photos of me wen the camera is too low. lol
    so h just does it moree... :/ hehe

  4. Very nice casual outfit and comfy :D...also looooving the shoes babe! Beautiful as always darling...xoxo

  5. that's such a good idea (necklace)! looks great! :)
    hahah.. i don't like pics of me wen ppl take it while they'r sitting down too.. haha :P
    don't think it's unflattering for u though coz your pic still came out nice :)

  6. hello =)

    I came across your blog through SOOMPI =)
    I'm lovin' your eyeshadow & the creative way you decided to change up your necklace!

  7. i love your shoes so cute as always.

  8. very nice ! love it alll ... the outfit the makeup the hair :)

  9. ok. now I'm in love with ur shoes!!! how cool/cute/sexy are they woow love it! xx

  10. I like the casual outfit. these shoes just give it the extra kick.

  11. pink pout looks good on you :D haha, I think it's a little light for me. Your shoes are HOT! Definitely gives your outfit an unexpected twist ;) and I agree, you gotta get to the right angle so your body isn't distorted and makes you look weird!

  12. i love that tank! A.Apparel always has nice comfortable things...
    You're use of the 88 palettes inspired me to pull them out and use them this past week--I go in and out of enjoying them :)

  13. Cute outfit girl, love the pairing of the teal shoes! Your eyes and lips are gorgeous!*_*!