Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Neutral + New Video

I didn't talk in this one since I expected my sister to be loud...she was right by me when I made it. She ended up being very quiet except for saying "I can't do it" at some point. My hair is every bit as messy as it looks. It's curled from yesterday still... I think it got frizzy when I clipped it up in the shower because I take super hot showers.

I found an old bottle of Coppertone Spray tanner. It worked quite well, but the sprayer is crappy. I might go buy more though because I like the result. I used to use tanner on top of laying out in the sun, but now that I actually worry about sun damage I can see how well these work on their own.

I'm using
Boots Botanics Tinted Moisturizer
Mac Sunbasque blush

L'oreal de-crease
88 palette browns and white
Revlon Colorstay liner

Mac Politely Pink l/s


  1. Love the super speedy video! You are actually quite fast anyway.. the liner takes me forever!!!!
    Great look.. that 88 palette looks like a great buy! xx

  2. i liked the video :)
    very straight to the point! ;)

  3. Gorgeous look! You have picked some awesome colors for a neutral look!

  4. I liked the video and I also love your blogs... keep up the good work!!!

  5. great neutral look! you look like latina girl from hair, face and skin tone! whooot..I luv how you contour your face .it made your face more sexier!:)

    btw thx for your comment! t.c

  6. Gosh yours eyes just pop out. I looove how beautiful you are. This look works well on you!!! I just ordered myself an 88 Palette. :)

  7. I like the subtlety of the look, but it still has a natural edge to it. Good stuff T!*_*!