Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And Another

Since I have nothing to do tonight I did a second look and video.

I'm wearing
Boot's Tinted Moisturizer
Mac Sunbasque

L'oreal de-crease
88 palette-yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white
Revlon Colorstay liner

NYX Thalia l/s
Mac Oyster Girl lipglass


  1. I like this bright look... you can see the colors realy well in the video and in the photos...

  2. this is very pretty Tiff. you are very pretty! you kinda look like jessica alba in this video. you cut the crease like so easily. I dont have a natural defined crease so i have to kind of work my way to find it all the time when i attempt to do it lol.

  3. Perfect look for summer and the beach! hehe... and thanks for commenting on my honest scrap tag entry... yea, i'm not proud i used to smoke weed... but majority of the guys treated me like i was their little sister cause my cousins and brothers would kick their ass if they even tried to hit on me lol.... and your ethnicity i such a beautiful mix cause hello look at you Beautiful! inside and out =]

  4. cute look! I love your big dangling earrings! :)

  5. Very pretty combination! I didnt think the colors would go but you actually make it seem like they are ment to be used together! xx

  6. i like this one..
    its bright not too overbright..
    i mean..not unless you really closed your eyes to take a good look to it..

    it just gives your eyes the right bold statement!