Thursday, April 23, 2009

Smokey-ish fotd

The first pic was before I got dressed and took my hair down. I have to wear it up when I do my makeup because it always gets in the way. I also had on Florabundance l/g but switched to something more pink. I think the photo is orangey because I was right by my lamp when I took it.


I used

Everyday Minerals matte
CoverGirl Rose Silk blush

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean
Ulta e/s in Plum Smoke
MAC Carbon
Milani frosty off white color(don't know the name of the color bc it's in a quad)
L'oreal HIP black liner
Red Cherry lashes

NYX Paris lipstick
MAC Viva Glam VI SE lipglass


  1. you look soooo gorgeous ! I really wish I had the hand to do make up !lol

  2. grrrr!!!! u kno why im 'grrrring'!!! lol

  3. You look so pretty and so good at make up! Btw I love your Spice Girl Contest idea, it's awesome! :D

  4. u have the most glamorous looks:D

  5. I like the purple top!!
    Nice look.. i wish you could teach me how to apply those lashes!

  6. How do y think of these looks? On the spot or do you think about it?


  7. blended to perfection! i love your eyess girll!

  8. love it! does the viva glam vi special edition have a purple tone? some people say it's purple-y, some say just pink. I don't know!

  9. Hello, beautiful ladie!
    I like this look so much! Also I like all looks you did!
    Just awesome!

  10. love the look!
    so sultry & sexy...

    & your lips..
    my god!
    that's to die for!!!!

    thanks for following my blog!
    *hugs & kisses*

  11. oh man those pink lippies youve been wearing looks gorgeous on you.

  12. Wow I really wish I could do my makeup just like yours :) yr talented

  13. wow girl you got mad skills with your makeup! You look absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for following my blog, I hope I can learn awesome makeup skills from you :)

  14. I love your eyes! You're so pretty (: Great make up. ♥

  15. you're pretty tiff! I like this look a lot.

  16. you're pretty tiff! I like this look a lot.

  17. you always look picture perfect! i seriously hope, that one day, my makeup skills will be as good as yours! :)

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    most nearlly all of his films have been amazing!!!! like...lagaan...ghajini...raja hindustani (classic) with karsima kapoor kareena kapoors older sister!

    people dont realli talk to me about bollywood, because they dnt realise that im fully indian!!! lol

    glad i found someone on this whole blog business who enjoys them too!!:D

    rubey x

  19. oh! this is the kind of smokey eyes look that i've been looking for!
    i mentioned in your chatbox that i'm practicing make up based on your simple tutorial but i got lost and confused! lol!