Wednesday, January 27, 2010

FOTDs + Yummy Smells

I've never been too crazy about gray eyeshadow, but all of a sudden I've developed a fondness for it.

Thankfully the camera I'm using does not overdo the flash like my other one.
I made a video for a little lamp happy. It's a bit overlit. I'll remember not to do that next time.

Stuff I'm using...
Physician's Formula mineral tinted moisturizer
Hard Candy blush in Pinup

Almay Bright as as eyeshadow base
Pink Milani e/s
Gray from Revlon Colorstay Sultry Smoke quad
Mac Vanilla Pigment
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Yogurt
Maybelline gel liner
CG mascara & falsies from ebay

NYX Round lipstick in Christie
Smashbox gloss in Pout
A lot of people I know stick to one perfume. While I like the idea of having a "signature" scent that people will remember me by, I don't think I'd ever actually be able to stick to just one fragrance. I want to try something new...what's the sexiest perfume you've found? I need some ideas. I don't prefer a particular type over another...I like different things depending on my mood or the weather. Here are a few of of mine...

My go to safe, non-offensive scent for when I'm going to be really close to a large number of people. It's a fruity floral, and it's on the light side.
Gucci Eau de Parfum II

This one's for cold weather. I find it cozy :). It's also a great boyfriend repellent. I always get compliments from strangers with this one, but he hates it. Douchebag. I don't touch it when it's warm out though; it just doesn't have the same effect...strictly for fall and winter.
Dior Hypnotic Poison

I've had this one for several years. It's a cold evening fragrance for when I want to convince myself that I'm sexy. This one is also a summer no no for me.
Givenchy Hot Couture...I lost the lid.

You know how some fragrances remind you of some old moment in your life? I got a sample bottle of this when I was 14 and absolutely loved it. I used up the little bottle, but never actually bought a full sized one until recently. It doesn't remind me of any event in particular, just that time long lost youth, sigh :(. I don't actually wear it now; I use it as room spray.
Mat by Masaki Matsushima

I'm in the mood to expand my fragrance horizons so I'd love recommendations :).


  1. I love this look! It looks great on you. You're absolutely gorgeous. Keep up the good work hun =)

  2. the look is very pretty in pink. I never used a gel liner before i just use a liquid or black shadow but I've been thinking about trying it out.

  3. ur so pretty! i love this look its really simple i love it!

  4. you should try flora by gucci!! amazing. perfect for spring/summer!:)

  5. I love eau de Gucci II it's my favorite =)

    and you look very pretty with that grey look <3

  6. Dior Hypnotic Poison is on my wish list :) The next perfume I buy! I agree with you, great for winter, but it gets messed up in summer!

    Love your eye makeup! I want the NYX jumbo pencil, I take it you used it to brighten your inner eyes?? I have like a trillion white pencils, but they're not soft enough to glid along the water line nicely!

  7. such a pretty look hun and you look stunning as usual :)

  8. Wow, you spray certain perfume on certain weather? I think for me is what kind of occasion is it and what is my mood into. lol. I'm usually into the light scented ones though so not so strong but still smells good =]

  9. You look so pretty! I <3 the Guess Perfume! I have 2 back ups... Lol


  10. My 2 favs are 'Very Irresistible' by Givenchy, & 'Envy Me' by Gucci!


  11. The look is gorgeous! I love it!

    As for fragrences, try Intimitely Beckham. It smells gorgeous!

  12. Your eyes looks beautiful as always! Great make-up!

  13. I swore I commented here already!

    I loove your look!!!!

    I LOVE hot couture, it's been my favorite since it was launched, discontinued and relaunched! The caps never stay on for this perfume, idk why!