Monday, December 12, 2011

Filth and Cankles

Got my comfy sweatshirt on, coffee in one hand, and I'm ready to blog.

Come home covered and smelling like oil, time to shower right? Of course not! Showers can live cannot!

I was looking at furry wedge booties online and remembered that I bought a pair last winter.

They make your ankles look like they're the same size as your thighs, but there are far more offensive things in this world than my supersized ankles...freezing cold weather,the criminals featured on Trutv, and CROC BOOTS. Behold these beauties!

I'd get a pair, but I wouldn't be able to keep men away.
Today's youtube video...


  1. its been quite some time since I last saw you actually blog. lol. welcome back! I'm going to start blogging again... soon.. maybe in two weeks. haha. Looking gorgeous like always ;]

  2. It has been forever since Ive seen a blog post from you! I have been watching you on Youtube though :)

  3. Hey girl!! It has been a long time since you've blogged! Welcome back!!

  4. Hi Tiff!!! Miss your face! Nice to see ya!!!! xoxoxo

  5. you're so pretty! I LOVEEEE tohse boots! i want some like that.. xxx

  6. I love watching your YouTube vids!!! So gorg all the time! Keep doin' your thing girly :)